Saturday, January 31, 2009


umm this is what?
blog number three?
am i going to keep up with it?
I dont know
senior year boredom
mid terms are done, i only have 3 real classes right now....really 4 but i wouldnt fully count accounting. I am taking some cool classes right now, black and white photo, foods 2, and a sewing class i already took but was forced to take again because i didnt have enough classes because they dropped my frikken government course.....this would be the same reason i am taking honors accounting which i hate.
Anyway...a bit about me...umm well im Bianca. I am soon to be 18. A senior in high school. A gymnast. Gymnastics consumes my life, im a level 8. I beleive this is my last year. In college i am sure i will have plenty of things to do, so as much as it will kill me to quit the extra time next year will be nice i hope. If i was to quit now i would most likely get into hard drugs simply because i would have TOO much time on my hands. I have practiced 15+ hours a week since i've been 12. This life in ingrained in me. I enjoy music and fashion. I hit a bit of a fashion rut this year but I think im slowely coming out of it....anyway im really short and extremely paranoid and rant too much. I am extremely paranoid. I have too many clothes and wear too little of them.