Friday, February 27, 2009

i dont like school

I am taking the day off
I have a competition at 4 an would have to leave early anyway.
So I had time to find my camera cord and finally upload some pictures.
I wore my boyfriend jeans twice in the past week, one time to school, and one time out to the mall. I really like them, I wish i could get better photos

boobies....i actually meant to take these to just show cool pics of the shoes

you can dress them up or down :)

mmm random...does anyone ever say something to you...and its not really a big deal, but it makes you think back to other shit they have said/done in the past and then you get really upset...because thats kind of been happening to me lately.

my hair is a curly mess of evilness

roses from v-day. I was over at my boyfriends house and there were roses sitting on the table, and he asked me if i liked them, and I said I thought they were really pretty, and then he told me they were mine :). It was actually the day after v-day...but thats ok

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

whats it like up there

I have been short my whole life, I am only 5 ft tall. I will often look at someone and think about how short they are only to find that we are the same height or they are even an inch taller than me. Its very annoying sometimes
I went to american apparel today and tried this on. I had been wanting it for a while

When I tried it on it was HUGE. damn one size things. It went down to my lower thigh and even when i pulled it up the band at the bottom hung loosely around me and it wouldnt stay up. I am quite annoyed. For some reason i really liked this item....if anyone has found anything similar please let me know
I also tried on the disco pants, the material was comfy but they were very high waisted and since my torso is about 2 inches long they went all the way up to under my bust...well, very close to it.

I also tried on this dress. I have it in a short sleeve version. I wasnt expecting to like the longsleeve one but i do....i actually think the body like fits better than the short sleeve even though its the same haha

I am also still craving tye dye leggings. I want to make some in black and white soooo bad

and my mom cleaned out her shoe closet and actually gave me something this time. My mom has a lot of shoes but actually keeps them and wears them for a very long time....but i got something this time. The patent leather pair is from gucci i wore them to my freshmen homecoming and they basically killed my feet, but my mom had just gotten them, so hopefully they are worn in more now because she wore them a lot. The second pair is from stewart weitzman(sp?) they are kind of worn out, but very comfortable and i like the snake skin plat form...sorrry for the bad pictures. It was nice. I spent the last of my money on a pair of jeans...well, actually as I mentioned on its like i got to go shopping with out actually spending money.

mmmm. So this is my last year of gymnastics, It literally makes me cry. I devoted my entire life to this. I cant even count the things i gave up to do this sport. I met some amazing people, and even though i suffered through a lot of things through out, i wouldn't trade it for anything. i really doubt i can make my college team, its not one of those "oh just try out" kind of, i dont have the skills, i cant just try. I am not upset, i think i will need the extra time next year. Well, i am upset, but i dont feel like "oh im not good enough". I started gymanstics really late, not til I was 9 so im kind of old for my level, but i love it none the less. My parents are getting tired of it, I offered to them other day to drop one of my electives that cost a good deal of money to save a bit of money and my mom was like "just stop gymnastics" and that got me really pissed off, but then when I was legit upset and willing to she is all "noooooo dont do that". I hate that she cant make up her mind. She hates driving me there all the time, but she is the one who wanted me to wait til i was 18 to get my licence. Anyway...i dont really know what im saying...but i kind of feel like when i stop part of me will be gone..EVERYONE, even people im not friends with knows i do gymnastics, its just my thing....and i kind of feel like im losing part of what defines me in stopping, and i know i will always be involved in it in someway, but it still makes me sad.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy heart

Happy valentines day everyone!
I spent the day visiting my boyfriends college with him. We had originally planned to go to a valentines day lunch, but he got accepted to college this week so he had to go up to it today. He has to work tonight, so the only way i could see him was if i went with him. So I went with him and his family. I love college tee's so I got a tee shirt. His family basically bought out the college store. Then we went to lunch and came home, I hung out at his house for about half an hour and then I went home and he went to work
He got me a really cute heart necklace and earrings. I got him a movie and candy. So it was a good day.
I look super creepy in this picture...but it reminded me of valentines day

Last years junior prom dress. So i have senior prom this year and I really dont want to get a long dress :( Im gonna half to get a frikken foot hemmed off if i do. ughhhh

what do i do during my free periods in school?
take pictures in the bathroom

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hey hey you you

So I got some boyfriend jeans
I was pleasently surprised to find some pretty nice fitting ones at american eagle, they were on sale for 30 dollars
I am now broke, but I like them quite a bit
sad part is....these would probably be bigger on my boyfriend then they are on me...he has such skinny legs<3333
Pics in my mommy's mirror

anyway onto my random blurbs
I have been birthday is in 23 days. I am asking for money, and I think with the money I am gonna save some, and buy some dresses with some. I am not such a fan of shorts, so I am planning to wear dresses a lot this summer. I am thinking I am going to go to Forever 21. They actually have some decent things, you just have to be careful washing them...i want to get like 3-4 dresses, so that is my next endeavor. I have to try on like 50 dresses to find one i like, so it might take a while, but I will find them. Oh and prom dress shopping too!

so im almost 18, but i don't have my license or permit...i am ready to get my permit dad had a son who would have been my half brother and he died in a car accident when he was 16, he died way before i was born though. So my dad wanted me to wait til i was 18...which was useless because i have practiced 1 its not like being 2 years older makes me a better driver if i never did it before.but anyway. Anyway,you dont even need a permit to get your license after you turn 18...but i will prob get it for a little anyway. but i will prob be doing so illegal non-permit driving. eek. but i am hoping to practice a lot through feb/march/ april and get my license early may...that's how long it took my bro. so yeah...wish me luck, i'm going out driving tomorrow afternoon!

Oh, and I am going to Maryland this Saturday with my boyfriend. We are visiting the college he is going to. Its only about an hour and a half away. He has to work at night, and since its valentines day his parents said I could go with them to visit the college so i could see him. It should be nice, I have never been to Maryland except to compete, so it should be fun....speaking of v-day. I am getting my boyfriend a movie, candy, and making him brownies and a card...sound good ya think??

Sunday, February 8, 2009

i want too much

There are so many things i want right now
I want nail polish in cool colors, I want to lose 6 pounds, i want to find a good present for my bf for valentines day, i want to knit a pillow for my bf for v-day, i want to buy zach and miri make a porno because its the funniest movie ever
I want
dark skinny jeans.....i need new ones
lots and lots of simple dresses cuz i dont really plan on wearing shorts this summer
pretty blouses
trouser jeans...i have a pair and i love them, i think i want another pair
batwing hooodie
and lots more
I dont plan to get all of this
or this exact stuff....but an idea of what i want
click to make bigggggger

Saturday, February 7, 2009

starry night

I wore this on christmas eve.
it was a while ago
but i have to go to a convention for one of the clubs i'm in and we have to get dressed up for one of the days, so i think im gonna wear this
ignore my face

teal eyeliner i tried

so my gym class is 6 freshmen, 1 boy who doesnt talk, and 3 exchange students
fun stuff

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

spring fever

I want spring. I want it now. Im tired of freezing my ass off in school. Im tired of grey skies. As im typing this im shivering. Winter is nice for a few weeks, but im definitely ready for spring.
My birthday is in 29 days. Im almost 18. I have 29 days left of youth. Its depressing and exciting.
I have a competition this weekend at 8AM....i hate morning meets...but im excited for that
with my birthday money i want to buy a lot of dresses and maybe a pair of super dark skinny jeans. I am not auch a fan of shorts so i am planning to wear skirts and dresses all summer
anyway....some spring outfits

tunic/dress and old boots. I got these boots in like 9th grade. they arnt really that comfortable

Rawr. Im a cheetah....i always debate weather this is leopard or cheetah print.....the world will never know.

kinda cool collage of all the outfits

whatchya think?

so unfortunatley today i wore jeans, boots, and a long cardigan and was still freezing...and according to punksatany(sp???) phil....6 more weeks of winter. so sucks

Note: If you would like to trade links let me know, I had a whole list on my past blog and my blog feels empty with out them :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Its my life

So i am really not into going out to the pool house to upload pictures(my inside computer wont let me) so i thought i would show my life thus far in pictures
Senior year...started off pretty shitty. My ex broke up with me over a text, then led me on, used me, and then dropped me in a second for another girl. One of my bff's quit gymnastics so i dont get to see her much anymore. I HATE accounting, but was forced to take it
on the bright side...i took statistics. The first time i ever got an A in math
i met a reallllly awesome guy who i am currently going out with
the phillies won!!!
and some other stuff
me in a tree. I was chilling in a park with my friend natalie!!

me and my friend at the phillies parade...and sleep over. im a beast

me and my bff alex...we basically just make each other look like freaks because im so short and she is so tall

gymnastics party...i usually wear a leotard, but this was our xmas party so i just wore regular clothes...bahhhh it turned out small :(

i gave blood. My school had a blood drive. Worst day ever. So i walk in, before i even do anything i am asked to go to the nurse to get weighed and make sure i am atleast 110 pounds...turns out i gained three pounds and was over. So i go back. I sit down and go through a series of questions and then get my blood tested for iron. The first time its too low, so they prick my finger again and its good. So i go and get an entire frikken pint of blood taken. It actually wasnt too bad, it took about 20-25 minutes. Then i went and sat down, had a few sips of orange juice and then threw up into a biohazard bag in front of the entire gym. I had a nasty bruise for a while...this is my arm about a week later

fackin awesome cake i made last year