Monday, May 25, 2009

prom prom prom

I had prom on friday. It was uber fun. My boyfriend said he wasnt very good at dancing, so i didnt think he would want to...but we ended up dancing all night. We went back and chilled at my friends house and slept outside in would have been nice to go to a party...but after prom was still fun....the actual prom was awesome though!!!!
My bff came over before...she doesnt go to my school but she came to see me get ready for prom :) :) :)
there was a big group there but these are just a few photos

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

playing catch up

I have been so so busy
school is ending soon
prom is coming up
one more week of gymnastics ever
my teachers still decide to give butt loads of home work
Im reading the worst book ever
very frustrating

some outfits

yellow pants i dyed :) I dont know if i like it better with or with out the vest

bracelets i made :)

Has anyone ever read slaughterhouse-five? Its by vonnegut, who if you ever watched an interview is one of the most annoyingly cynical people ever. I read another book by him called cat's cradle which i really liked, slaughterhouse-five however is a different story. It is quite possibly one of the most boring books I have ever read, and not only is it boring, but it takes me til about the third time reading through the chapter trying to conceive what is going on to even realize that infact nothing but boring poo is going on....maybe I just have senioritis, but even the book im reading for AP Euro on the scientific revolution seems more interesting then this book.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

long time no see

no post in a while. I have been so busy with school and everything. I have been having a good time though. Going out a lot and stuff....but also studying alotttttttttt
This outfit reminds me of 8th grade..but i still like it

i got my eyes dialated today
not fun

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the jungle

mmmm I got these leggings to wear to a "C" themed party...You had to dress up as something that began with a C...and conveniently all the best foods start with C...cake and carrots...those are really the best but there was also crackers, cheese, cheez its, cheetos, corn chips, chips, coke, cheese pizza....conveniently everything starts with a C :)....anyway....I went as CHEETAH!
This isnt actually what I wore to the party though, that was a few weeks back
Cheesy with "C" pictures

OMG! so my mom might let me wear her matthew williamson dress to prom. Its soooo gorgeous. Its long, but she was planning on shortening it to knee length, but she said she wouldnt mind getting it shortened to fit me as a long dress and then again to fit knee length for her self...I ended up returning the prom dress I got, I still may buy one...but I have a solid back up for now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

man I love college

I still dont know where Im going to college....but it makes me sad. I'm excited, but you are kind of leaving behind your life that you built up for the past 18 years. This is my last year in gymnastics, my last summer with all my friends. I dont know if im going to stay with my boyfriend. We are possibly gonna be three hours driving distance away. I would like to stay with him, but it is gonna be really tough. My friends and I are all going separate directions, I know I can stay in contact with some, but you inevitably lose people.
onto a slightly happier note
New skirt...super comfy...much better in person....bday gift...i also got some new skirt HANGERS :)

maybe I will learn to be more photogenic in college

I found kanye glasses...going for the monochrome....i only ended up wearing this to wawa

I found a prom dress.....I soon hopefully

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ice ice baby

Well i basically froze watching my boyfriends lacrosse game today. Then we went to vitamin world to look for stuff for protein shakes for him. Haha, interesting but fun day :)
Im on spring break....which means too much time on my hands...which means picnik

new dress...from good ol' american apparel.

Its actually red...not so orangy as it looks above....below is a better idea of the color...though its a bit dark

My new hamster....his name is flash...because he is fast, but mostly just because I love the incredibles

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm not a soldier

Random stuck in my head
I had a pretty fun weekend. I went to my boyfriends lacrosse game friday with a few of my friends. It was funny, he goes to an all boys school and as me and my three girl friends walked through the parking lot of his school giggling and carrying our purses everyone was staring at us...why? because we are girls. It was a good game. They won :) Then i went home with him and we went out to dinner. Then we went to a hunting store because he needed to get something for his dad, and then we chilled and watched family guy at his house. On saturday I went to the art museum in philadelphia because I get extra credit if I go. Sunday I did school work and went to the pet store with my boyfriend. I think I am gonna get a dwarf hamster on friday!
my bff just got ACL surgery again so i visited her on thursday.
I did some soon

Me and my BFF from this summer. probably the crappiest photo ever...but oh well.

I sold stuff to platos closet today...i got like 35 dollars. I didnt have much time to look around but they have frikken awesome deals. I am really craving pretty blouses right now so i think i may look there soon. I also want some high waist skirts...I am making a pencil skirt right now in sewing class(photos soon) but i want some flowier ones, I have a slightly defined waist but its soooo short its hard to find ones i like...i guess I will keep looking
boring post

Saturday, March 14, 2009

pete and repeat

I wear things too often, like my boyfriend jeans.
so....i went to a C themed party for my friend Corinne. You had to go as something that began with a C. I went as a cheetah, i just wore cheetah tights with a black tank was fun. Photos soon to come

Yes, that is a life sized cardboard stand up of Edward Cullen. My sister is overly obsessed. i decided to take photos in her room

boring post
hope everyone had/is having a nice weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Paint it Black

I dominate at that song in guitar hero...I can only do it on easy...but I got 98% and a 224 note streak once....but more importantly, black also happens to be the center of my outfit...and shiny eel leggings

so I had a pretty fun weekend. I went to the girls ice hockey game on Friday. The bleacher heaters were broken...I nearly froze my ass off, and we lost terribly, but I still had fun with my friends, and a good friend is on the team, so I wanted to support her....zipped up and warm...except really just zipped up...because it was an icy tundra in there

saturday night I had a bday party. I just went to Fridays with 10 friends including my boyfriend. He doesnt go to my school so he got to meet all my friends and all. It was fun. I got some really nice gifts from my friends, and I had a great night...shitty shitty picture of me, but i still thought it was whatever.

better pic of the dress(pictured a few posts down too) and the shoes. I wore a cropped cardigan because the little side tie on the dress kind of got in the way of a regular cardigan, but it went just to wear the waist is and looked quite my humble opinion of course :) I made this picture on picnik!!

I love bows. the end

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday me
I'm 18. I can buy cigarettes and porn and go to strip clubs and go to jail and get tried as an adult...frikken awesome right?
well, it was very cold today. I wanted to wear a dress, but considering the chilly temperatures in my school, I thought it was best I bundled up. I have open campus now and can leave school during my free periods, so I left and went to the park and barnes and nobles with kelly
Me and Kell kell from earlier this year. She is awesome

So this is what I wore.....I went outside to take some photos...OMG gasp

Lovely mini cupcakes from Kelly

My outfit for tonight...I am going out to dinner with my boyfriend and his family. We were gonna go alone but then his family invited us to dinner, so thats what we are doing. Then he is gonna come back to my house for a movie and cake...hopefully the restaurant is warmer than my school...note to self:try looking up in photos

I know leggings are lame, but they are warmer than even my thickest tights

Friday, February 27, 2009

i dont like school

I am taking the day off
I have a competition at 4 an would have to leave early anyway.
So I had time to find my camera cord and finally upload some pictures.
I wore my boyfriend jeans twice in the past week, one time to school, and one time out to the mall. I really like them, I wish i could get better photos

boobies....i actually meant to take these to just show cool pics of the shoes

you can dress them up or down :)

mmm random...does anyone ever say something to you...and its not really a big deal, but it makes you think back to other shit they have said/done in the past and then you get really upset...because thats kind of been happening to me lately.

my hair is a curly mess of evilness

roses from v-day. I was over at my boyfriends house and there were roses sitting on the table, and he asked me if i liked them, and I said I thought they were really pretty, and then he told me they were mine :). It was actually the day after v-day...but thats ok