Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm not a soldier

Random stuck in my head
I had a pretty fun weekend. I went to my boyfriends lacrosse game friday with a few of my friends. It was funny, he goes to an all boys school and as me and my three girl friends walked through the parking lot of his school giggling and carrying our purses everyone was staring at us...why? because we are girls. It was a good game. They won :) Then i went home with him and we went out to dinner. Then we went to a hunting store because he needed to get something for his dad, and then we chilled and watched family guy at his house. On saturday I went to the art museum in philadelphia because I get extra credit if I go. Sunday I did school work and went to the pet store with my boyfriend. I think I am gonna get a dwarf hamster on friday!
my bff just got ACL surgery again so i visited her on thursday.
I did some soon

Me and my BFF from this summer. probably the crappiest photo ever...but oh well.

I sold stuff to platos closet today...i got like 35 dollars. I didnt have much time to look around but they have frikken awesome deals. I am really craving pretty blouses right now so i think i may look there soon. I also want some high waist skirts...I am making a pencil skirt right now in sewing class(photos soon) but i want some flowier ones, I have a slightly defined waist but its soooo short its hard to find ones i like...i guess I will keep looking
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