Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the jungle

mmmm I got these leggings to wear to a "C" themed party...You had to dress up as something that began with a C...and conveniently all the best foods start with C...cake and carrots...those are really the best but there was also crackers, cheese, cheez its, cheetos, corn chips, chips, coke, cheese pizza....conveniently everything starts with a C :)....anyway....I went as CHEETAH!
This isnt actually what I wore to the party though, that was a few weeks back
Cheesy with "C" pictures

OMG! so my mom might let me wear her matthew williamson dress to prom. Its soooo gorgeous. Its long, but she was planning on shortening it to knee length, but she said she wouldnt mind getting it shortened to fit me as a long dress and then again to fit knee length for her self...I ended up returning the prom dress I got, I still may buy one...but I have a solid back up for now.


  1. great sweater! your sneakz are cool!

  2. ohhh i really love those leggings!

  3. cute tights, and that dress sounds lovely!!

  4. love the outfit. hopefully you get to wear the matthew williamson dress, that would be epic.