Monday, April 13, 2009

man I love college

I still dont know where Im going to college....but it makes me sad. I'm excited, but you are kind of leaving behind your life that you built up for the past 18 years. This is my last year in gymnastics, my last summer with all my friends. I dont know if im going to stay with my boyfriend. We are possibly gonna be three hours driving distance away. I would like to stay with him, but it is gonna be really tough. My friends and I are all going separate directions, I know I can stay in contact with some, but you inevitably lose people.
onto a slightly happier note
New skirt...super comfy...much better in person....bday gift...i also got some new skirt HANGERS :)

maybe I will learn to be more photogenic in college

I found kanye glasses...going for the monochrome....i only ended up wearing this to wawa

I found a prom dress.....I soon hopefully


  1. cute outfits, love the black skirt :)
    uni is exciting but also makes me kinda nervous! what are you going to study? I'm not too sure how the system works in america :/

  2. I do like the skirt a lot!
    I like the second outfit with it being worn with the graphic tee!

  3. i want to see prom dress pictures!
    it was so tough to decide on where i wanted to go to college. everything was a factor (money, distance, majors, dorms, people who go there, weather..) ugh.