Friday, February 27, 2009

i dont like school

I am taking the day off
I have a competition at 4 an would have to leave early anyway.
So I had time to find my camera cord and finally upload some pictures.
I wore my boyfriend jeans twice in the past week, one time to school, and one time out to the mall. I really like them, I wish i could get better photos

boobies....i actually meant to take these to just show cool pics of the shoes

you can dress them up or down :)

mmm random...does anyone ever say something to you...and its not really a big deal, but it makes you think back to other shit they have said/done in the past and then you get really upset...because thats kind of been happening to me lately.

my hair is a curly mess of evilness

roses from v-day. I was over at my boyfriends house and there were roses sitting on the table, and he asked me if i liked them, and I said I thought they were really pretty, and then he told me they were mine :). It was actually the day after v-day...but thats ok


  1. ooh I love the batman tee, and those wedges are cutee :)

  2. I have that Frankie Says t shirt! But mine is green. I'm wearing it right now for pjs, but sometimes I wear it around...

    Anyway you look awesome, especially in the last picture.

    -lee (lemonhead from tv)