Monday, February 2, 2009

Its my life

So i am really not into going out to the pool house to upload pictures(my inside computer wont let me) so i thought i would show my life thus far in pictures
Senior year...started off pretty shitty. My ex broke up with me over a text, then led me on, used me, and then dropped me in a second for another girl. One of my bff's quit gymnastics so i dont get to see her much anymore. I HATE accounting, but was forced to take it
on the bright side...i took statistics. The first time i ever got an A in math
i met a reallllly awesome guy who i am currently going out with
the phillies won!!!
and some other stuff
me in a tree. I was chilling in a park with my friend natalie!!

me and my friend at the phillies parade...and sleep over. im a beast

me and my bff alex...we basically just make each other look like freaks because im so short and she is so tall

gymnastics party...i usually wear a leotard, but this was our xmas party so i just wore regular clothes...bahhhh it turned out small :(

i gave blood. My school had a blood drive. Worst day ever. So i walk in, before i even do anything i am asked to go to the nurse to get weighed and make sure i am atleast 110 pounds...turns out i gained three pounds and was over. So i go back. I sit down and go through a series of questions and then get my blood tested for iron. The first time its too low, so they prick my finger again and its good. So i go and get an entire frikken pint of blood taken. It actually wasnt too bad, it took about 20-25 minutes. Then i went and sat down, had a few sips of orange juice and then threw up into a biohazard bag in front of the entire gym. I had a nasty bruise for a while...this is my arm about a week later

fackin awesome cake i made last year



  1. heyy, i used to follow your old blog lol. but this ones cool, link exchange?
    PS. awww at the pic of you and your bff lol

  2. aww
    In a few months you'll be out to college so don't fret :)

    and ick, I hate getting blood taken out, once I got pricked 4 times and the lady kept missing my veins -___-