Wednesday, February 4, 2009

spring fever

I want spring. I want it now. Im tired of freezing my ass off in school. Im tired of grey skies. As im typing this im shivering. Winter is nice for a few weeks, but im definitely ready for spring.
My birthday is in 29 days. Im almost 18. I have 29 days left of youth. Its depressing and exciting.
I have a competition this weekend at 8AM....i hate morning meets...but im excited for that
with my birthday money i want to buy a lot of dresses and maybe a pair of super dark skinny jeans. I am not auch a fan of shorts so i am planning to wear skirts and dresses all summer
anyway....some spring outfits

tunic/dress and old boots. I got these boots in like 9th grade. they arnt really that comfortable

Rawr. Im a cheetah....i always debate weather this is leopard or cheetah print.....the world will never know.

kinda cool collage of all the outfits

whatchya think?

so unfortunatley today i wore jeans, boots, and a long cardigan and was still freezing...and according to punksatany(sp???) phil....6 more weeks of winter. so sucks

Note: If you would like to trade links let me know, I had a whole list on my past blog and my blog feels empty with out them :)


  1. I love that leopard/cheetah print skirt

  2. Thank you for the comment. (:
    I'm sick of cold weather. I don't like it one bit. I prefer summer!

  3. hey i remember you, glad your back!

  4. cute outfits! and I'm way happy that I re-found your blog after you shut down your old one :)