Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hey hey you you

So I got some boyfriend jeans
I was pleasently surprised to find some pretty nice fitting ones at american eagle, they were on sale for 30 dollars
I am now broke, but I like them quite a bit
sad part is....these would probably be bigger on my boyfriend then they are on me...he has such skinny legs<3333
Pics in my mommy's mirror

anyway onto my random blurbs
I have been thinking...my birthday is in 23 days. I am asking for money, and I think with the money I am gonna save some, and buy some dresses with some. I am not such a fan of shorts, so I am planning to wear dresses a lot this summer. I am thinking I am going to go to Forever 21. They actually have some decent things, you just have to be careful washing them...i want to get like 3-4 dresses, so that is my next endeavor. I have to try on like 50 dresses to find one i like, so it might take a while, but I will find them. Oh and prom dress shopping too!

so im almost 18, but i don't have my license or permit...i am ready to get my permit though...my dad had a son who would have been my half brother and he died in a car accident when he was 16, he died way before i was born though. So my dad wanted me to wait til i was 18...which was useless because i have practiced 1 time...so its not like being 2 years older makes me a better driver if i never did it before.but anyway. Anyway,you dont even need a permit to get your license after you turn 18...but i will prob get it for a little anyway. but i will prob be doing so illegal non-permit driving. eek. but i am hoping to practice a lot through feb/march/ april and get my license early may...that's how long it took my bro. so yeah...wish me luck, i'm going out driving tomorrow afternoon!

Oh, and I am going to Maryland this Saturday with my boyfriend. We are visiting the college he is going to. Its only about an hour and a half away. He has to work at night, and since its valentines day his parents said I could go with them to visit the college so i could see him. It should be nice, I have never been to Maryland except to compete, so it should be fun....speaking of v-day. I am getting my boyfriend a movie, candy, and making him brownies and a card...sound good ya think??


  1. god that outfit is cute
    has me lusting for spring.

  2. they look really good on you!
    i love your shoes too :)

  3. im glad i could make you laugh

  4. Loved those jeans!!
    I read you are a gimnast, rhitmyc or what??cos I also used to!!lol


  5. those jeans are perfect!! and I would love to photograph you, you're very beautiful! thank you for your lovely comment! xxx

  6. nice shoes...kind of a silvery brouge-ey thing? i love them!

    want to trade links?

    Livi xx

  7. Wow, those jeans look cool. I wish I had a boyfriend to steal clothes from!